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Join us in creating long-term, sustainable development using predictive analytics for your city with

A review website that rigorously tests and ranks AI products & services, providing clear, unbiased purchasing advice.

An investment trust focused on AI, providing fiduciary services for investors who want to pool their resources to invest in AI ventures.

Investment group bringing together investors interested in funding promising AI startups, driving innovation in the AI field.

AI solutions for real-world problems across various industries, demonstrating the practical value of AI.

Crowdfunding platform dedicated to raising capital for innovative AI projects, enabling investors to contribute to the future of AI.

AI-powered chatbot services for businesses, aiming to improve customer service and


Leave the Silicon Valley Grind Behind and Become a Part of a Sustainable and Collaborative Employee-Owned Tech Hub.

A smart city initiative using AI and IoT devices to improve urban services such as traffic control or infrastructure maintenance.

We provide AI tools and services for problem-solving tasks in various fields, showcasing the versatility of AI.

Develops NLP and AI to analyze customer data and interactions to improve customer experience and inform strategy.

Grants for AI research and

platform for managing endowments given to AI researchers or institutions.

A platform facilitating collaboration between AI researchers and startups, offering resources, datasets and tools.

An online learning platform offering in-depth courses and resources on deep learning, a subset of machine learning in AI.

Uses AI to transcribe, optimize and analyze conversations improving communication by detecting key topics and sentiment.

Join the central platform for

Florida's AI industry. Connect, collaborate, and innovate!

Education with AI-powered tools, offering personalized learning, AI tutoring, and data-driven insights.

start-up marketplace

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