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Students asking questions.

common questions

What is a startup accelerator?
A startup accelerator is a program that provides mentorship, resources, and funding to early-stage startups in order to help them grow and succeed.
What are the benefits of joining a startup accelerator?
Joining a startup accelerator offers several benefits such as access to an extensive network of mentors and investors, guidance in refining your business model, opportunities for funding, and accelerated growth through tailored programs and support.
How long do startup accelerator programs usually last?
The duration of startup accelerator programs can vary, but they typically last  three months. The exact length depends on the specific accelerator and program structure.
How much does Good Combinator invest?
We invest for 6% plus an uncapped SAFE.
What's the investment used for?
Most commonly, it allows founders to work full-time on their startup. It can be used flexibly to fuel growth.
Do I need to incorporate first?
No, incorporate later if accepted. We can help with choosing the best jurisdiction.
What if I'm not US-based?
No problem! International founders make up 25%+ of our startups. We assist with visas and entity setup.
What criteria do startup accelerators look for in applicants?
Startup accelerators generally look for startups with innovative ideas, scalable business models, a strong founding team, and high growth potential. They may also consider factors such as market traction, industry relevance, and coachability of the founders.
Do startup accelerators take equity in the companies they support?
Yes, most startup accelerators take equity in the companies they support. The exact amount of equity varies between accelerators but typically ranges from 5% to 10%. This equity stake provides the accelerator with a financial interest in the success of the startups they invest in.
Does Good Combinator fund nonprofits?
Yes! We will grant up to $100K to social impact nonprofits accepted into our program.
Do nonprofits pay to participate?
No, nonprofit participation is free. The grant funding is designed to cover costs.
Do nonprofits mix with for-profits?
Yes, nonprofit startups participate in shared programming with for-profit peers for maximum learning.

What happens at Good Combinator?
Good Combinator runs a 12-week accelerator program 4 times a year to help founders build their startups. Learn more here.

Where does the program take place?
You work remotely for the first six weeks and in Santa Rosa Beach for the last six weeks of the program.

Do I need to move to Santa Rosa Beach?
After completion, you can live anywhere. We help with visas if needed.

How are startups selected?
We have an open application process accepting startups globally. Our criteria focus on the team, idea, and potential for impact.

How can I get funding?
Apply to our program! Good Combinator invests $250K in each startup we accept.

What's the time commitment?
Just a few hours per week. Attendance is flexible - do what's best for your startup. The program is designed so founders can focus 100% on their company.

When are upcoming batch dates?
Batch schedules and deadlines are listed here. Let us know if you need to defer to a future batch.

Should I apply if I'm early stage?
Yes, we encourage early-stage startups to apply. Over 40% of funded startups are pre-product. We can help at any stage.

Can I participate if I have a full-time job?
You need to be fully committed if accepted. But you can certainly apply while employed.

What if I'm not technical?
For most startups, we look for technical co-founders who can build the initial product.

What if you've funded a similar startup?
We don't let that affect our decisions. Startup ideas evolve so similarities emerge regardless.

Can I apply again if not accepted?
Absolutely! Many startups apply multiple times before getting in. Gaining traction will strengthen your next application.

Do I need connections?
No. We pride ourselves on evaluating all applications equally based on their merits alone.

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