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Insights on AI & blockchain for IP
management and data security. 

AI Intern GPT

Assistant for web browsing, Python
code, image generation.

AI Production GPT

Aids in AI transition from prototype to production.

Building Codes GPT

Provides detailed explanations of local building codes and regulations.

Business strategy gpt

Generates strategic business plans
based on market analysis.

civic engagement gpt

Facilitates public participation in

cloud services gpt

Cloud architecture, service integration, & cost optimization.

compliance gpt

Updates on regulatory changes for compliance across jurisdictions.

construction estimation gpt

Provides construction project cost estimates.

construction project management gpt

Assists in construction project planning, execution, tracking.

corporate governance gpt

Insights into corporate governance and ethical business practices.

contract analysis gpt

Reviews and suggests revisions for business contracts to align with goals and legal standards.

education reform gpt

Suggests educational system and curriculum improvements.

data analysis gpt

Statistical analysis and interpretation guidance. 

construction safety gpt

Generates safety protocols for construction scenarios.

environmental policy gpt

Advises on sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

ecoGuardian: PFAS Intel gpt

Specialist in PFAS knowledge, analysis, and strategies. 

economic development gpt

Plans economic strategies and analyzes market dynamics.

intellectual property

Advises on intellectual property matters.

Florida explorer

Travel app with itineraries, local gems, and recommendations.

environmental impact

Evaluates scientific projects' environmental impact with mitigation strategies.

AI Partner for Social Good: Technical expertise and strategic insights for AI and nonprofit leaders.

guardian whisper

Digital companion offering solace, spiritual insight, and encouragement for faith-based living.

microgrant gpt by aquaguardian

Designs, predicts, applies for grants for bio-swale installations with machine learning.

hr policy gpt

Drafts and reviews HR policies for legal compliance and best practices.

it support gpt

Solutions for IT issues and troubleshooting networks.

lab protocol gpt

Lab protocols and troubleshooting tips.

lease logic gpt

Lease document


legal research gpt

Summarizes case law, statutes, and legal precedents for lawyers.

policy analysis gpt

Analyzes potential impacts and outcomes of proposed policies.

quantum gnome gpt

Battery material discovery leveraging databases & computational insights.

quantum oracle gpt

Expert in quantum computing and physics.

quantum cell ai gpt

Analyzes biomedical research integrating AI with FSU's MAG Lab NMR for pathogenic understanding.

research assistant gpt

Supports scientific research through literature review, hypothesis generation, and data interpretation.

scientific innovation

Ideas and models for scientific and technological exploration.

scientific publishing

Aids in drafting and formatting manuscripts for scientific journals. gpt

Refines GPTs focusing on AI ethics, social impact, updating knowledge, tailoring responses.

sustainable building gpt

Advises on eco-friendly materials

and sustainable construction practices.

sunshine gpt

Automates Florida public records requests, ensuring legal compliance. Generates, sends, tracks requests.

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