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  • Writer's pictureDoug Liles Launches GPT Internship Program & Tech Hub in NW FL

GPT Internship Program: Gamifying AI Learning

The newly launched GPT Internship Program takes a novel approach to training the next generation of AI talent. Rather than a traditional internship focused on menial tasks, immerses interns in the cutting-edge world of AI with an emphasis on specialized Chat GPT development.

Interns get hands-on experience with a range of data science responsibilities, from data cleaning and sourcing to building and testing AI models. But what really sets this program apart is its gamified learning approach.

Interns earn points, level up, and receive rewards as they progress through the curriculum and complete AI projects. This innovative structure keeps interns engaged and motivated while they rapidly build valuable, real-world AI skills that are in high demand.

"Our goal with the GPT Internship Program is to cultivate the AI leaders of tomorrow in a fun, immersive, and highly educational environment," says Doug Liles, founder of "By gamifying the learning process, we're able to attract top talent, minimize churn, and arm interns with the experience they need to excel in the AI field".

The 12-week paid program is open to current students, recent graduates, and anyone with a strong interest in AI. No prior AI experience is required, as the curriculum is designed to take interns from novice to proficient in just a few months. Interested candidates can apply on the website .

Establishing a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub

In addition to cultivating AI talent, is also working to establish Northwest Florida as a regional hub for technology and innovation. Partnering with local government, academic institutions, and private sector leaders, the firm aims to transform the area into a globally competitive center for artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more.

The planned 10-acre innovation park will feature state-of-the-art facilities for AI research and development, as well as space for tech startups to collaborate and grow. The goal is to create an inclusive ecosystem that drives economic growth, creates high-paying tech jobs, and positions Northwest Florida as a leader in emerging technologies.

"Northwest Florida, with its beautiful beaches and quality of life, is an untapped gem for tech innovation," notes Liles. "By bringing together key players across sectors, we have an incredible opportunity to build something special here - a vibrant hub for technology that drives our economy forward".

The U.S. Economic Development Administration recently launched a $500 million initiative to invest in 20 tech hubs across the country. believes Northwest Florida is well-positioned to earn one of these prestigious designations and the significant federal funding that comes with it.

Driving AI Innovation for Good

At the heart of both initiatives is's core mission - to harness the power of AI to make a positive impact on the world. Whether it's developing AI solutions to pressing challenges or training the next generation of ethical AI leaders, the firm is dedicated to using technology to drive meaningful change.

With the GPT Internship Program, is creating a pipeline of diverse AI talent focused on using their skills for social good. And by establishing a regional tech hub, the firm aims to spur innovation and economic growth that benefits the entire community.

As artificial intelligence continues to advance at a breakneck pace, is ensuring that the technology is being developed and applied responsibly to solve real-world problems. The future of AI is bright, and it's firms like that are lighting the way.

To learn more about, the GPT Internship Program, and the Northwest Florida Regional Technology and Innovation Hub, visit .


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